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Blowing Shofar

The Secular Humanist Jewish Circle (SHJC) is a local group whose mission is to meet the affiliative needs of cultural, humanist, secular Jews (and their non-Jewish family members/partners) in the greater Tucson area.

We see ourselves as a caring and stimulating community and alternative to conventional Judaism. Although we are secular and non-theistic, as are many other Jews in our modern world, we are proudly Jewish and value what we have in common with all other Jews. We welcome everyone who connects with the history and culture of the Jewish people and the principles of Humanistic Judaism.

What We Believe

We draw strength from the history, culture, and achievements of our people.  
We see Jewish history as testimony to the continuing struggle for universal human dignity.  
We create and observe secular interpretations of Jewish rituals, services, and celebrations.  
We include study, questioning, discussion, and social justice as examples of Jewish values.  
We believe that action to create social justice is an affirmation of our Jewish identity.  
We seek solutions to human conflicts that respect the freedom, dignity, and self-esteem of every human being.  
We believe that human beings have the responsibility for solving human problems.  
As non-deists, our values are independent of a supernatural authority.  
We rely on sources such as reason, observation, experimentation, creativity, and artistic expression to address questions about the world and to seek understanding of our experiences.  

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